Preparing for your puppy is an exciting step in your journey.  


We highly recommended getting two puppies at the same time.  They comfort each other and they're hours of entertainment.

We recommend that you get the following items before you bring your puppy home .

Heavy food and water bowls

A bag of Purina Puppy Chow Naturals

Toys- Kong's are wonderful, stuffed animals that don't have removable parts or beans. 

Puppy shampoo


Canine diapers (females) or wraps (males),

poise type pads to put in them

Crate- if you're going to crate train for house breaking.

Dog bed

Please locate a mobile pet groomer or a groomer you'd like. 

Find a great veterinarian and make an appointment for 2 days after you receive your new puppy. 

Please enroll your puppy in obedience classes after they have been fully vaccinated.  The happiest dog is one that's well socialized and trained. 

Preparing For Your Puppy