About the Mom and Dad

Havanese are a Hypo-Allergenic breed.  They are very loyal.  Kisses, the mom is a very sweet, affectionate girl.  Her name is perfect for her.  She loves to give kisses.  She follows me all around the house.  She is a very high jumper.  She's very fun. Kisses loves to be a mom! She is very excited to have puppies. Hershey, the dad is my big boy.  He is twice the size of his wife.  He is very funny.  When he gets excited to see me; he walks in a C shape. lol  He enjoys to play ball.  His beautiful eyes melt my heart.  He enjoys time with me, but prefers to play outside with his dog friends.

AKC Havanese

Color: Chocolate and White Irish Piped

Name: Hershey

Height: 11"

Weight: 18lbs

AKC Havanese

Color: Chocolate and White Parti

Name: Kisses

Height: 10"

Weight: 9lbs

We offer weekly updated photos while you wait.  

We will provide you with the puppy's limited registration application, a copy of their parents' AKC Pedigree, the puppies vaccine and deworming record, a receipt of theirVeterinary  exam & the genetic warranty. 

The puppies will receive 5 sets of dewormer and a 6 week vaccine. Before they go home they will be AKC Microchipped.  The dewclaws will be removed.​  

Our Gift to you, a Swag bag with a Harness, Leash, travel bowl, toy, a sample of Purina Puppy Chow Naturals and a lovely blanket with their mom's scent.

We Never Sell Breeding Rights..

 We reserve the right to deny any customer.

 AKC Chocolate & White Havanese Litter

Due: September 8, 2017

Ready around November 3rd.

Pick of the litter for females is $100.

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AKC Havanese